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We are The Green Sheikh, a website covering medicinal cannabis and everything related. With this concept, we intend to grow an organic platform that increases international awareness about the applications of medicinal cannabis.

We sincerely welcome our audience to contribute in a positive manner. To this end, we’re working on setting up various forums and enabling the sharing of information on all facets related to this product. Anyone who wants to join us – on a voluntary basis – will be able to sign up here shortly.


Canna Christmas Card

Right now, we’re working on creating original content. In the meantime, why don’t you have some fun with our specially designed Canna Christmas Card?

It’s available in 8 different languages. Create and download a personal Canna Christmas wish and share it with friends and loved ones. Let’s come together and share what medical cannabis can do for the world!

Have a wonderful holiday,

Team The Green Sheikh